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Hawk Bag Factory
Hawk bag factory, the subsidiary of Hawk International Group Ltd, is concentrated on the production of various bags made from cotton, nylon and PU. There are 3 production facilities respectively located in Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi to satisfy the versatile requirements from different clients in the world.

Our earliest manufacturing experience of bags started from 1996 in Quanzhou, Fujian. This factory has grown up to a middle size and the production capacity is almost full occupied by a leading brand in USA all year around. The bags are supplied to the professional travel, outdoor and sport industries.

The Guangdong factory is mainly in line with the gift and promotional market which are made of various fabric like cotton, nylon, polyester and clear PVC. Ití»s located in Fenggang Dongguan, which is only 20 kilometer from the biggest textile raw material market in south China, this is quite convenient for us to purchase low quantity of material, and since the factory size is not big, there are about 100-200 workers only, we are able to quickly handle the small orders like several hundreds of bags.

In the view of the serious situation of the shortage of labor power and high labor cost in China nowadays, we setup another new factory in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province in 2009. There are about 100 workers to happily make various fantastic fashion PU handbags for ladies.

We perhaps are able to produce almost all kinds of bags for fashion, promotion and outdoor industries, from shopping bags to ruck sacks to handbags, however, our labors maybe mostly good at making those bags according to the original design of clients. Our strategy never defined as developing our own brand or own styles., to grow-up together with our clients is the foundation of our business.

Success and Quality product is not by accident, it is result of hard work, attention and diligence. Our dedication to clients and commitment to excellence manifest our desire to manufacture the highest quality goods at the most competitive prices. It is our obligation to make every effort to produce new items where you satisfaction is always highly expected. No matter past, present and fast, Hawk always offers superior quality, innovation and the maximum value for every dollar spent.

We are a labor intensive industry, we assumes the social responsibility of human spirits in order to make the enterprise environmental in various aspects conform with the state law demands, international rules, regulations and standard requirements, the managing idea of the fine life. We makes persistent improvements to the labor production atmosphere and conditions, employees rights of this enterprise.

Concerning environmental protection, we uniformly put the ordinary industrial sewage and internal living waste into the local sewage treatment system. In addition, we firmly adopt the fabrics and yarn suppliers who accord with the state environmental protection standards.

We adhere to the managing system of "Quality-Centered". On the basis of ISO9002, we implement two-level quality control system: not only establish the complete quality supervision flow and check before acceptance standard., but also set up Quality Control Dept. which is chiefly responsible to the general manager and the customs.

We hope you give us the opportunity to have the business with you. We know that service, reliability, and quality are the most important products, and we strive to accommodate your needs. Our goal is "to find a way to say yes."

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Company Address:
3/F, 13 Building, Shangsha Industry Park, Shenzhen, P.R.of China.
Post Code: 518040
Dongguan Factory Address:
5# Building, Wulian Industrial Park, Fenggang, Dongguan
Tel: 86 755 88353897, 714 6571906
Fax: 86 755 88353889

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